Holiday Hazards

T’is the season for holiday hazards. While enjoying the festivities, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Although very beautiful, a poinsettia’s leaves and its milky sap can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. As well, holly and mistletoe are extremely poisonous.

If you have a tree climbing cat or a large dog with a happy tail, make sure that your Christmas tree is well secured. Tree preservatives, sugar or aspirin added to tree stands should be avoided.

Sharp breakable ornaments, dreidels and aluminum foil should be kept out of reach.

String objects, such as tinsel and ribbon are thin and sharp and can wrap around the intestines or ball up in the stomach.

Electrical cords should be secured and kept out of the way to avoid being chewed on.

Lit candles should never be left unattended especially if within kitty’s eye level or puppy’s chew zone.

Holiday feasts should be shared, but not with our pets. Too much fat can cause severe gastrointestinal upset and bones can lodge in the throat, stomach or intestinal tract.

Have a safe and happy holiday season,

From the White Rock Veterinary Hospital!